Class Levels 

At Swim Safe we have been teaching children to swim for over 40 years, we offer a wide range of classes for all ages and abilities that have been specially designed to teach children all the skills they will ever need to know to be safe and have fun in and around water. Our small graded classes ensure maximum opportunity for learning, and achievement is acknowledged as swimmers progress through each level of our program. This together with our friendly learning environment will ensure you and your family find our swimming lessons an enjoyable and rewarding experience.




(4 - 6  months)

Duration:    lessons are 20 minutes in duration, parent involvement 

Maximum:   5 swimmers

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Learning and achieving

  • Baby’s first swim in a fun, warm, nuturing environment

  • Introduction to infant water familiarisation, and getting you both comfortable and confident in the water

  • Instruction on ways to hold your baby in the water 

  • Prepare baby for their first underwater experience by conditioning 

  • Infants are not submerged during this class, as baby must master conditining before parents attempt submersions 












(6 months to 3 years)

Duration:     30 minutes, parent involvement

Maximum:    8 swimmers

Location:     Middle section of pool

Flotation aids are introduced in this class  


Learning and achieving

  • Water familiarisation for your child that is fun, and full of purpose
  • Confidence and water sense and awareness
  • Floating, balance and movement through water
  • Conditioning and submerging






(2 years 6 months - 4 years)

Duration:     30 minutes

Maximum:    4 swimmers

Flotation aids are used in this class


Learning and achieving

  • Push off and swim 3m without floats 
    with head above the water 
  • Kicking on back 3m with floats 
  • Free fall towards the teacher and roll to back float 
  • Unassisted climb out of pool 




Turtle.gif - large



(3 years 6 months - 4 years 6 months)

Duration:     30 minutes

Maximum:    4 swimmers

Location:     Middle section of pool

Class suitable for children who have achieved their Turtle Certificate 


Learning and achieving

  • Push off and swim 6m with face in the water, blowing bubbles and lifting head to breathe 
  • Freestyle and Backstroke kick with a kickboard
  • Swim out and roll to back float unassisted
  • Jump in, swim to rope and return to wall unaided








(Beginners 4 years and over, no swimming experience necessary)

Duration:     30 minutes

Maximum:    4 swimmers


Learning and achieving

  • Freestyle kick with kickboard
  • Torpedo with a freestyle kick 3m
  • Backstroke kick with kickboard 3m
  • Dive and submerge for toys
  • Deep water skills

Seal.gif - large




Duration:     30 minutes

Maximum:    4 swimmers


Learning and achieving

  • Torpedo with four freestyle arm strokes
  • Backstroke kick with kickboard 
  • Backstroke torpedo 6m
  • Dive and submerge for toys
  • Deep water skills









Duration:     30 minutes

Maximum:    4 swimmers


Learning and achieving

  • 6m Freestyle with kickboard
  • 6m Backstroke kickboard
  • Deep water skills (Treading water 30 seconds)  






Platypus.gif - large








Duration:     30 minutes

Maximum:    5 swimmers


Learning and achieving

  • 10m Freestyle 
  • 10m Backstroke
  • Swimming more continuous laps
  • Deep water skills (Treading water 30 seconds)






Fish.gif - large




Duration:     45 minutes

Maximum:    5 swimmers


Learning and achieving

  • 20m Freestyle
  • 20m Backstroke
  • 10m Breaststroke 





Starfish.gif - large



Duration:     60 minutes

Maximum:    6 swimmers


Learning and achieving

  • 45m Freestyle (bi-lateral breathing)
  • 45m Backstroke
  • 45m Breaststroke
  • 30m Butterfly
  • Tumble turns, and diving





Dolphin.gif - large





Duration:     60 minute squad

Maximum:    5 - 6 swimmers per lane


Learning and achieving

    • Technique, strength and stamina in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly
    • Individual medley
    • Time Trials 
    • Distance swims
    • Starts, turns and finishes in all strokes








Shark_Cartoon.gif - large






Adult Learn to Swim 

Duration:     60 minutes

Maximum:    5 swimmers


Learning and achieving

  • Basic stroke skills
  • Mobility and confidence




  • On your first lesson we will assess your child to ensure they are in the class most suitable for them  
  • Assessment will require your child to entering the pool with our Instructors, and during the lesson our experienced Pool Deck Supervisor will assess your childs swimming skills  
  • At the end of the lesson our Pool Supervisor will discuss with you the most appropriate class level for your child, and requirements to progress to the next class level
  • Your child's progress is vey important to us, if you have any questions the best person to talk to is our Pool Deck Supervisor.  The Pool Deck Suoervisor is always avaialble to answer any questions and give feedback in relation to your childs progress and provide tips to support your child's learning



  • Learning to swim is all about practice.  When your child repeats swim strokes, it rienforces learning and becomes memory and therefore more easier to do  
  • Swimmers are assessed contantly by our Pool Deck Supervisor in conjunction with their instructor, and certificates are awarded as they progress through our program
  • Merit Certificates are awarded at each class level to swimmers in recognition of specific swimming milestones and achievements important to progress to the next skill
  • Merits are also awarded and as an incentive for working well and continuing to make progress
  • Our Pool Deck Supervisor is available at any time to discuss your child's progress towards their next certificate


                   Click here to download pdf version of Class Info Brochure





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