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  • Please arrive on time to check-in. When you arrive check in by scanning our QR code using your smart phone through the mySA GOV app.
  • The QR code will be displayed in the document holder adjacent to the door bell and at the desk on entry. 
  • If you do not have a compatible smart phone, a contact tracing attendance record will be available for you to provide your details.


Hand Hygiene

  • Sanitise hands on entry and exit
  • Please supervise your child with the use of the hand hygiene station.


COVID-19 Screening Questions

  • Please allow a minimum of 10 minutes prior to your lesson to allow us to complete the SA Health COVID-19 screening questions
  • No entry will be permitted without checking-in and review of current SA Health COVID screening questions.


Waiting for Your Lesson 

  • Once you have checked-in customers will be asked to wait in the foyer area until the previous lesson is completed
  • This lesson change over time will not be included as part of your lesson
  • Please have your child ready for class at the start time of the lesson by showering at home before
  • Due to COVID-19 restrictions classes cannot be extended for late arrivals a make-up lesson can be offered.


Coughing or Sneezing

  • Please keep that cough under cover
  • Always cough or sneeze into your arm or ta tissue and put the tissue in the bin straight away
  • Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds afterwards
  • Children requiring a tissue will need to exit the pool and wash their hands with soap and water prior to re-entering the pool.  


Social Distancing

  • Please remember to keep your distance and stay 1.5 metres apart
  • Chairs have been placed 1.5 metres apart in the waiting area and we ask that a parent/caregiver and do not move the chairs
  • Please ensure your child is adequately supervised and remains with you whilst waiting to enter the pool area  
  • In the pool area this does not apply to members of the same family / household a parent/caregiver and attending child can sit together as long as they remain 1.5 metres away from other consumers
  • On exiting we ask that families do not congregate in the foyer area. 


No Hugs, Handshakes or High 5's

  • We ask that parents encourage their child to wave or give the instructor an elbow bump at the instructor at the end of the lesson
  • This will replace our High 5. 



  • Due to COVID-19 no swimmer at the premises is accompanied by more than one care giver who is not swimming (unless the swimmer or a family member has a special need, such as a disability that requires more than one care giver to be present, or parents of multiple children requiring assistance)
  • A Parent/guardian must accompany all children whilst at the centre.
  • Whilst waiting for class to commence children must remain with their parent/guardian and in the are kept away from the edge of the pool and steps and are not permitted in the water.
  • Do not allow your child to enter the class area without an instructor.  We ask the parent/guardian to remain in the pool area for the duration of the lesson. 


Medical Conditions

  • You are required to disclose any medical condition /allergy / physical or intellectual disability affecting a swimmer prior to the commencement of lessons.
  • If your child has a management plan (asthma or anaphylaxis reaction) a copy must be provided. 
  • We must be notified of any changes in the course of their enrolment. 
  • If your child has asthma requiring reliever medication they must exit the pool to take their medication and allow 5 minutes for the medication to work before going back in the pool. 



  • Do not attend swimming if in the last 14 days you have been in contact with a known or suspected COVID-19 case or are waiting for a COVID-19 test result stay at home until you get your test result and  you no longer have symptoms. PLEASE FOLLOW SA HEALTH GUIDELINES
  • Do not attend swimming if in  the last 14 days you have been unwell or display any of the  following  symptoms such as: fever, or recent fever, history cold or flu like symptoms, cough, sore throat, fatigue or shortness of breath, new unexplained loss of smell or alerted taste.


Diarrhoea Illness

  • Swimmers who have diarrhoeal illness should not use the swimming pool for 14 days after the symptoms have stopped.


Pool Rules

  • To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all children, please follow the pool rules 
  • Do not swallow or spit pool water, warnings will be issued for spitting water. No running or food inside the pool area
  • The pool and its surrounding grounds are a non-smoking environment and the consumption of alcohol is not permitted  
  • The kitchen in the main foyer is strictly for outpatient use only, and the courtyard garden is not accessible for patrons
  • The exit door at the rear of the pool is for emergencies only and is  to remain closed at all times. 


Term Dates

  • Swim Safe School offers a term-based program, operating all year round
  • Please check our website 'About Us" page for Term Dates


Public Holidays

  • Public holidays are free from swimming lessons and are not included in your term payments  (excludes Multiple Lesson discounts).


Booking Fee

  • A booking fee (lesson in advance) is payable for each new enrolment to hold their class for the next term  
  • The booking fee can be redeemed as a voucher for your last lesson.


New and Re-Booking Enrolments

  • Enrolments can be taken over the phone, and due to COVID-19 Booking /Enrolment will not be accepted without completion of the Swim Safe Enquiry/Booking Form and signed declaration (see link at the bottom of this page)
  • Due to COVID-19 enquiries in person can only be made by prior arrangement and completion of the Swim Safe Enquiry/Booking Form
  • A weekly payment can be made on your first two lessons, and the remainder of the terms fee (plus booking fee) due on your third visit (this excludes Multiple Lesson Discounts) 
  • Places in our program are only secured once payment has been received
  • New Enrolments can also be made after commencement of the term,and fees are charged based on the number of weeks remaining in the term.


Family Discounts

  • We are happy to offer family discount
  • Discounts apply if there are 3 or more children from the same family attending
  • We discount the term fees for the 3rd swimmer to $10.00 per lesson, and 4th and subsequent family members swim at no charge.  


Rollover Enrolments

  • Once enrolled in a class your main booking will automatically rollover to the following term, this allows our families to keep the same class, day and time
  • Should you need to make any changes to your booking or wish to take a break please let us know
  • Please be advised that automatic cancellation will occur when lessons have not been attended for 2 consecutive weeks without communication, a re-booking fee will be charged with future enrolments.


Sibling Enrolments

  • Priority is given to siblings of currently enrolled participants, e.g. If you already have a child enrolled in swimming lessons and have a new baby or another child who you would like to enrol into classes for the following term where possible you can do so at this time
  • These enrolments will be confirmed three weeks prior to the end of the current term.


Waiting List

  • A Waiting list for currently enrolled students moving to the next level or wanting to change class day or time is given priority
  • New enrolments or students wanting to re-enrol in the next term can go on a waiting list
  • These enrolments will be confirmed two weeks prior to the end of the current term; if we are unable to contact you we cannot guarantee your place. Every attempt is made to satisfy your lesson requirements; however, it may not always be possible to offer you a specific day, time or teacher
  • We do endeavour to accommodate as many requests as possible.


Missed Lessons

  • If you are unable to attend your scheduled lesson for any reason please notify us prior to the lesson by SMS on 0438 668 530 or email
  • As long as your term fee has been paid you will be able to make-up any missed lessons.


Make-up Policy

  • Make-up lessons are valid for 3 months
  • Make-up lessons can only be booked once we have received full payment of term fees
  • Make-ups can be booked one week in advance and are subject to availability
  • Please note missed make-up lessons without prior notification cannot be re-booked.   


What to Bring

  • For personal use, you will need your appropriate swimwear, drink of water, towel, goggles and change of clothes
  • There is cold water available in the pool area please use the paper cups provided, drink bottles are not to be re-filled from this tap
  • It is recommended that all children (excluding Jellyfish program) wear goggles
  • We stock a range of goggles suitable for all ages our experienced staff are happy to assist however due to COVID-19 you will be unable to try on goggles prior to purchase
  • Due to COVID-19 we will not be providing loan goggles, and we ask you to not share equipment and take it home with you
  • Hair bands and swimming caps are advisable for students with long hair
  • All your class equipment is supplied and is cleaned with disinfectant prior to use.


Infant Aquatics

  • Children that are not toilet trained must wear a disposable swim pant, please dispose in the bin provided
  • A swimsuit should also be worn over the aqua nappy
  • All carers swimming with babies and toddlers are required to wear a swim shirt or t-shirt. This assists in teaching specific self-help and safety skills for your young child
  • If you need to use one of our change tables please see one of our staff who will clean it for you before and after use.


Credit Policy

  • Credits or refunds will not be given for missed classes during the term due to illness, injury or other reasons
  • We understand circumstances can arise, and you may not be able to complete the term due to illness or injury, a credit can be applied from the date of notification to your next re-booking term (waiting list applies)
  • Credit will be given up to the end of week six on presentation of a Medical certificate. The remaining balance of the term fee is due and payable on the day of your first lesson. The credit will not include the booking fee that was taken at the time of the enrolment.

Changing Facilities

  • Toilet and changing facilities available for use before and after lessons
  • Please use the main corridors provided to access facilities, do not enter the shower facilities via the pool deck
  • Talcum powder is not permitted for use
  • Ensure your child has been to the toilet prior to commencement of their lesson
  • Should your child need to use the toilet during a lesson we ask they notify the teacher prior to exiting and re-entering the pool
  • We ask that children be appropriately supervised when using the amenities, and refrain from pressing the call bell. 


Cancellation Policy

  • In the event of an unscheduled pool closure all reasonable efforts will be made to contact class participants.
  • There are rare situations outside our control where a class cannot be attended due to a disruption to lessons such as unscheduled pool closure,  power outages etc. a make-up lesson will be issued.


Lost Property

  • The pool area and change rooms are always checked at the end of the sessions.
  • Valuables should not be left unattended in the change rooms. If articles are found they cannot be stored at the SPARC pool, however we will hold them for you for collection at your next lesson.


Speed Limits and Parking

  • The speed limit within the grounds is 25 km/h
  • Parking spaces that show the symbol for people with disabilities are for valid permits only, fines may be issued
  • Please see the contact us page on our website for parking availability at GP Plus.


Photography and Video Use

  • All children who come to Swim Safe Swim School have a right to feel safe, and everyone within our school has a role to play in ensuring a safe environment
  • Swim Safe permits the use of private photography during swimming lessons however to ensure privacy is maintained photographs taken by a parent/guardian should not include other students unless prior permission has been obtained from their parent or guardian  
  • Mobile phones or cameras with video capacity must not be used without prior approval, and filming of lessons is prohibited
  • Swim Safe reserves the right to inspect, stop or delete any images/video material if they suspect inappropriate photography
  • No photography or video equipment including mobile phones is permitted in the change facilities at any time.


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